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Assistance to Vietnam

Adoption from Vietnam
Created by a couple who adopted children from Vietnam and China, this website is a forum for the discussion such adoption experiences and provides basic information on Vietnamese adoption, requirements and procedures, agencies involved, U.S. State Department overviews, and country background information in addition to related links such as Families with Children from Vietnam and other websites by families who have adopted Vietnamese children.

Amerasian Network
Amerasian Network is a non-profit organization which operates in Vietnam to benefit Amerasians and other displaced young people. The website describe the current situation of Amerasians in Vietnam and the organization's rural school program, exchange programs between U.S. and Vietnamese universities and colleges, health programs at four Vietnamese hopitals, children's centers and a center for the mentally ill, and sponsorship program for orphans

Australian Veteran's Vietnam Reconstruction Group
This group of Australian Vietnam War veterans are assisting in the reconstruction of Vietnam in the province of Ba Ria-Vung Tau. The website provides information on ongoing projects, maps of the area, and a newsletter.

The Burning Bush Clinics of Vietnam
The Burning Bush clinics are free clinics run by Vietnamese doctors and volunteers. Their website, which includes photographs, describes their work and seeks support for their efforts.

CARE Vietnam's website provides statistical background information on Vietnam and describes projects undertaken in the country by the organization in the areas of small economic development, environment, agriculture and community development, general health, and maternal and child health.

Friends of the Central Highlands
The Friends of the Central Highlands (FOCH) organization was organized to assist the Montagnard people of Vietnam. The organization provides educational scholarships, agricultural grants and training, and is involved in other projects designed to provide Central Highlands Montagnards with economic stability, pride in their culture and heritage, and a higher standard of living. Their website includes information on the history and purpose of the organization, facts about Vietnam, a biography of the organizers, and links to Vietnam-related sites.

Mennonite Central Committee
The Mennonite Central Committee, one of the major NGOs working in Vietnam, uses their website to report on the status of ongoing projects in Vietnam as well as providing a format for articles and discussions relating to Vietnam today.

NGO's in Vietnam
VietGate provides a list of the non-governmental agencies and organizations currently working in Vietnam.

PeaceTrees Vietnam
The PeaceTrees project, operated by the Earthstewards Network, is dedicated to reducing the danger of landmines in Quang Tri Province, Vietnam and to beginning reforestation of the area. The website features useful links to other landmine sites and resources related to children and youth, computers and technology, environment, and housing and homelessness.

Social Assistance Program for Vietnam
SAP-VN's website describes its current programs in Vietnam which include cleft-palate/lip surgery, orthopedic surgery, free health care, education, medical supply including wheelchairs, and emergency relief.

Tinh Thuong
Tinh Thuong is a charitable program of the Society of the Divine Word helping the handicapped, the orphaned, and the poor in vietnam regardless of religion or ethnic origin.

U.S.- Indochina Reconciliation Project
USIRP is a non-profit, non-governmental organization which,since 1985, has worked for normalization of relations between the United States and Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. The organizations primary post-normalization focus is on educational and cultural exchange and serves the not-for-profit community active in the region as an information center and conference organizer and assists private and corporate philanthropies interested in supporting NGOs and university programs. The organization's website includes its newsletter, Indochina Interchange, and information regarding its annual conference.

Vets with a Mission
Vets with a Mission is a non-profit charitable organization founded by Vietnam War veterans to help heal the suffering of Vietnam and of the Vietnam experience. Their well-designed and organized site explains the various projects, many of them medical and dental, being undertaken in Vietnam by the group, provides statistics on the effects of the war, and links to related pages. Of particular interest is the Orphan & Street Children Sponsorhsip Program. Also included on the site are contemporary and wartime photographs of the people of Vietnam, maps, information on the children of Vietnam, war history, and a section on war memorabilia.

The Viet Nam Friendship Village Project
The Viet Nam Friendship Village project is a multinational project to build a new, small village in Vietnam for the elderly, handicapped, orphans, and students. The website describes the project and includes photographs, related links, and a travellog.

The Vietnamese-American Peace Park Project
The Madison, Wisconsin Quakers are involved with several projects designed assist the Vietnamese. Among the projects are renovation of a hospital, the construction of a primary school, the expansion of a revolving loan fund, and, most recently, work on a Peace Park to help the people of My Lai. The website describes these projects, provides photographs of ongoing work, and links to information about the My Lai massacre and other vet-organized projects in Vietnam.

Vietnamese in Public Health
Vietnamese-American public health students and professionals at the John Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health are working to improve health care in general, but specifically health care in Vietnam. Their site provides a clearinghouse for the exchange of information on health care access and delivery for the Vietnamese community in the U. S. and abroad. A discussion on the state of health care in Vietnam is available at the site. See also, HIV Educational Exchange for Health Care Workers in Vietnam.

Founded in 1991, VNhelp is a non-profit, non-governmental organization assisting children, families, and communities in Viet Nam in education and health care and promotes cultural exchanges between Vietnam and the United States. The organization's website describes ongoing projects.

See also, Adoption from Cambodia and Friends Without a Border, a non-profit organization building the Angkor Hospital for Children in Cambodia.

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Background Information on Vietnam

Local Time--Hanoi/Ho Chi Minh City
Weather in Vietnam
Vietnamese Web Ring
The Time Magazine 100: Leaders and Revolutionaries: Ho Chi Minh

Access Asia's Vietnam
Access Asia provides business and cultural links for the countries of Asia. Vietnam's page includes links to information on culture, development, geography, government, the Internet, maps, news, and tourism.

CIA Fact Book--Vietnam
The Central Intelligence Agency's fact book on Vietnam provides good background information on Vietnam's geography, history, economic picture, culture, politics, government, and society. This particular version of the factbook dates from 1996. See also the country study on Vietnam from the Library of Congress.

This Vietnamese-American website, which flies the old South Vietnamese flag, focuses on news from Vietnam and discussions of Vietnamese culture and the human rights situation in Vietnam today. Photographs and links are provided.

Hmong Electronic Resources Project/Hmong Studies Journal
Students and researchers interested in the Hmong and Hmong issues will find an extensive collection of full-text documents, reference citations, issues of the Hmong Studies Journal, and links to related Web sources at this site.

Hashing in Hanoi
The Hanoi Hash House Harriers and Harriettes are running clubs in Hanoi. Their website lists upcoming events and pictures of previous events.

NamViet Forum
NamViet Forum is a nicely organized site that provides information on the arts and culture of Vietnam, travel, cuisine, weather, a slide show, and current news from English and Vietnamese sources.

Shadows and Wind: A View of Modern Vietnam
Robert Templar's book Shadows and Wind: A View of Modern Vietnam, to be published by Abacus in England in October, 1999, covers the religion, food, arts and literature, architecture, city life, and the changing political and social environment of Vietnam in addition to a discussion of the Vietnamese Diaspora. This website provides readers with one chapter from the book.

Vietnam: An Introduction
Interknowledge Corporation provides a good introduction to Vietnam on this website, providing information on the country's location.geography, climate, history, culture and people. A second page, Exploring Vietnam, discusses parks, activities, and the major cities.

The Viet File
This large site provides annotated links to Vietnam in the following categories: general information, geography and ecology, culture, people, history, economy, technology, government, groups and organizations, and news and current topics.

Viet-Gallery's impressive collection of links includes information on Vietnamese landmarks, monuments, cities (Hué, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Dalat, and Nha Trang, and Vung Tau), travel, present day issues, community services and organizations for Vietnamese-Americans, including help in finding missing relatives, cultural and social issues, non-governmental and humanitarian organizations working in Vietnam, human rights, and legislation affecting Vietnamese. Links to sites to download Vietnamese software are also provided as some linked sites require Vietnamese fonts to view.

Called the "Yahoo of the Vietnamese online comunity," VietGate currently includes 90,000 links, providing access to all things Vietnamese on the web, including culture, history, music, recipes, charitable foundations, and a search engine.

Vietnam: A Children's Guide
Mrs. Taverna's second grade students at Pocantico Hills School in Sleepy Hollow, New York have created a well-designed, useful site that provides information about Vietnam, teacher resources, Web sources, a children's book list, professional materials, a list of Vietnam photo sites on the Web, and information about schools in Vietnam.

Vietnam Information
SunSITE Singapore's Southeast Asia links include a page on Vietnam that provides general information on the country's geography, people, government, economy, and communications.

Vietnam--My Homeland
Cuong Nguyen, a system adminstrator for the National Instutite of Health, remembers his homeland with a website that provides a large selection of links to Vietnamese maps, cities, publications, and aspects of Vietnamese culture. See also University of Illinois student Nguyen Vu's homepage Vietnam.

Vietnam Online
Vietnam's first public website, published in Hanoi, provides information about business, travel, culture, and current events in Vietnam. Updates to the Vietnam Investment Review are also available.

Vietnam's Knowledge Base
Tan Le's website provides a useful Brief History of Vietnam and photographs of the country.

Viet-Net is the official home page of soc.culture.vietnamese and provides links to sites relating to Vietnamese culture and non-profit Vietnamese organizations

Viet's World
Finland's Loc Nguyen's website features useful links to business, computers, education, entertainment, government, and news relating to Vietnam.

Vietspace is a valuable resource for current events relating to Vietnam. Interesting articles, live radio webcasts, and interviews are featured. Also included is information on art, music, literature, film, business, organizations, and links to related sites such as Vietnamese newspapers and magazines is one of the most effective designed websites devoted to Vietnamese culture. Links are provided to art, architecture, history, literature, music, numismatics, and philately.

Welcome to the Country of Flying Dragons
The "flying dragons" site, presented in English, German, and Vietnamese, provides links to Vietnam's history, culture, people, landscape, economy, tourism, and a list of Vietnamese homepages.

Additional information on Vietnamese culture may be found at:

Ao Dai--Traditional Vietnamese Dress
Business Culture Fine Arts of Vietnam
Focus on Ethnic Cuisine: Vietnam
Traditional Vietnamese Music
Vietnam Art Gallery
Vietnamese Literature
Voices of Vietnam
Welcome to Vietnam

Websites relating to Vietnam's history include:

Brief History of Vietnam: 1950-1975
Chronology of U.S.-Vietnam Relations
Clickable Map of Vietnam
General Physical Features of Vietnam
A Look at Viet Nam History
Some Collective Facts About Ho Chi Minh
The Tay Son Resource Page
Vietnam: History and Politics (University of Michigan)
Vietnam Leaders
The Vietnam War
Vietnam's Turbulent History

Other sources of background information on Vietnam and Indochina (Cambodia, Laos) include:


Agent Orange Blights Vietnam (BBC)
Asiaco: The Asian Search Engine
Biodiversity Profile of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam
The South China Sea WWW Virtual Library
Southeast Asia Diary
Usenet Web: soc.culture.vietnamese
Vietnam Country Information
Vietnam: History and Politics (University of Michigan)
Yahoo! Countries:Vietnam

Beauty and Darkness: Cambodia, The Odyssey of the Khmer People
The Cambodian Artists Assistance Project
Cambodian Information Center
Cambodia Ban Land Mines Association
Cambodian Law Archives
Cambodia: Photography by Darren Whiteside
The CIA World Factbook on Cambodia
Post-Coup Cambodia: Relaxation or Further Repression? The Sam Rainsy Party
From Sideshow to Genocide: Stories of the Cambodian Holocaust
Vietnam Today: Cambodia

Adventure Into Laos
Country Study - Laos
Embassy of Laos in Washington D.C.
Genocide in Cambodia and Laos
Internet Travel Guide: Laos
Laos Infosite
Vientiane Times

For additional information, see Journeys to Vietnam or Travel to Vietnam.

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Lynch-Thanh Cong International
Lynch-Thanh Cong International is a U.S.-Vietnam trading company. This site provides a wealth of information for the investor, businessperson, or anyone interested in Vietnam today and includes information about Vietnam's economy, exports, imports, products and services, principle players, travel, culture, people, and related Internet sites.

Vietnam Business Journal
The useful online version of the New York and Hanoi-based Vietnam Business Journal provides viewpoints and discussions relating to Vietnamese and Asian business news, an events calendar, classifieds, and an archive of back issues.

Vietnam Business News
Links are provided to headline business news and opinions relating to Vietnam.

Vietnamese Economics Network (VECON)
VECON works to advance communication among economists doing research on Vietnam's economy.

Vietnam Online
Not to be confused with Vietnam Online ( from Hanoi, this site promotes tourism and trade with Vietnam and is based in California. Provided at the site are a yellow pages section listing businesses in Vietnam, information on employment in Vietnam, a list of recruiters and business publications, and a wide array of useful travel information from the visa application process to specific travel sites.

For additional information on businesses in Vietnam, see:

Conroy International
General Information Service Company
Lovell, White, Durrant
Vietnam Access
Window on Vietnam (Vannevar New Media, Inc.)

For other sources of Vietnam and Asian business news and information see:

Asian and Global Business Crisis
ASID: ASEAN Supporting Industry Database
Asian Economies: Electronic Sources
Asia Online
Asia Pacific Management News
Asia Inc., Online
Baker & McKenzie Intellectual Property Guide--Vietnam
Business Culture
Clinton's Decision to Lift the Vietnam Embargo
Doing Business in Vetnam
ENTERWeb--Enterprise Development--Vietnam
Focus on Southeast Asia
IPS News from Asia and the Pacific
Import/Export Invest Vietnam
Far Eastern Economic Review
Journey to Vietnam
Search Dragon
South China Morning Post
Tradeport Trade Directory: Vietnam
Vietnam Economic Newsbriefs
Vietnam Economic Times
Vietnamese Economics Network (VECON)

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Human Rights

Amnesty International Publications and News Releases on Viet Nam
The website of Amnesty International, a worldwide campaigning movement that works to promote all the human rights, provides the latest news and information about on going situations, problems, and campaigns being undertaken by the organization. The Vietnam section of the website provides new releases and publications relating to Vietnam since 1996.

Freedom House' Report on Vietnam
Freedom House is an advocate of the world's young democracies. It conducts an array of U.S. and overseas research, advocacy, education, and training initiatives that promote human rights, democracy, free market economics, the rule of law, independent media, and U.S. engagement in international affairs. In addition, Freedom House publishes Freedom in the World, an annual comparative assessment of the state of political rights and civil liberties in 191 countries. Vietnam was listed among the most repressive regimes of 1998.

U.S. Department of State Human Rights Report: Vietnam
Text of the 1997 State Department report on human rights practices in Vietnam. For the full report, see Amnesty International also reports on Vietnam's human rights practices.

Vietnam Human Rights Network
The website of the Committee for Human Rights in Vietnam, written in English and Vietnamese, features information, articles, and papers related to human rights in Vietnam, a calendar of events, news and activities related to human rights in Vietnam, human rights newsletters, and links to other human rights organizations and webpages.

The authors of this website wish to provide information about the "Vietnamese Holocaust," the death and imprisonment of Vietnamese citizens in re-education camps following the end of the Vietnam War in 1975 and the human rights violations going on in Vietnam today. Their mission also includes provicing a discussion forum for issues related to Vietnamese-American community, and in providing assistance to Vietnam's holocaust survivors and famillies.

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Journeys to Vietnam

Cycle Vietnam
An account of Jay Rolls' bicycle trip from Hanoi to Saigon with pictures.

Hitchhiking Vietnam
This large site is a photojournal of a Karin Muller's trip to Vietnam, based on the PBS television program. Included are travel tips, sites and destinations, commentary on life and customs in Vietnam today, and photographs of the country. An account of Muller's journey was also published in Salon magazine.

Passage to Vietnam: Catherine Karnow
In the Fall, 1995 issue of Atlas Magazine, photographer Catherine Karnow, one of the photographers whose work was included in the book Passage to Vietnam, decribes her trip to Vietnam in 1994 and 1995, commenting on the changes she saw from her first trip in 1990. Photographs included. Library
Provides travel information for and business opportunities in Vietnam as well as journals of recent travelers.

Viet Nam Picture Archive
A collection of photographs from Vietnam are provided at theis website, grouped into categories such as scenery, people, monuments and statues, history, and daily life. Other photographs may be found at:

Chaudoc, Vietnam Photographs
Children of Southeast Asia
Denise Rocco Photography
A Portrait of Viet Nam
Que Huong
Que Viet Gallery
Vietnam Interactive Portfolio
Wing Gang Photography

Voices of Vietnam
Musician/composer Philip Blackburn describes his journey to Vietnam, focusing on the music and the people of the country. Photographs and musical links are included.

Other accounts of trips to Vietnam and Southeast Asia may be found at:

Andy Brouwer's Travel Reports
Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam Travel Links
The Children of Southeast Asia: A Portrait Gallery Southeast Asia Diary: Tales of Cambodia, Laos and Thailand
Southeast Asia Journal: My Journey to Cambodia, Laos and Thailand
Our Trip to Vietnam
Vietnam (stories and photo essays)
Vietnam Visited and Revisited
A Virtual Visit to Vietnam

See also, Background Information on Vietnam or Travel to Vietnam.

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Saigon Times Daily
Ho Chi Minh City's English-language newspaper, the Saigon Times Daily is a fee-based site providing the latest news from Vietnam,

Vietnam Daily News
The Vietnam Daily News provides stories on business, economics, politics, social life, sports, and cultural events in Vietnam.

Viet Nam News
Viet Nam News, a national English language daily from the Vietnam News Agency in Ho Chi Minh City, is a good source of current news and events in Vietnam with features on politics, science and technology, business and economy, lifestyle, sports, and letters to the editors. The Talk Around Town column presents the thoughts and views of a wide cross section of Vietnamese citizens on Vietnamese society, while Dragon Tales takes a light hearted look at life in the Red River Delta. Business Beat offers incisive comments on commercial matters. Back issues are available. The Vietnamese News Agency also provides access to its other official daily newspapers in English, Vietnamese, and French

Vietnam Flash
Vietnam Flash is a synopsis of news stories from publicly available sources about Vietnam compiled by Swiss journalist Marcel Stoessel and updated monthly. Included are serious accounts of events in Vietnam as well as humorous stories--another useful way to keep up with what's going on in Vietnam. Also included is a bibliography of recommended books

Vietnam-Related General News
Daily headlines from Vietnam are provided at this useful, fee-based site in addition to links to Vietnamese business and media resources including The Saigon Times Weekly, Vietnam Investment Review, and other periodicals.

Vietnam Review
Publsihed in Hanoi, Vietnam Review provides information about Vietnam's land and people, politics and diplomacy, social life, economic conditions, and cultural life. The journal is published in several languages.

Current news from Vietnam and from Vietnamese communities abroad, written in Vietnamese, are also available. Vietnamese fonts, which can be downloaded at Vietinfo and Unibrowse are needed to access the following sites:

Dallas Vietnamese Weekly News
Dien Dan (from France)
Nguoi Viet Daily News
Viet Magazine (English also)
Vietnam News Network
Vietnamese Associated Press
The Vietnamese Canadian Broadcasting Group

Current news from Vietnam in English may also be found at:

The Bangkok Post
Far Eastern Economic Review
San Jose Mercury News
South China Morning Post
World Socialist Web Site

Voice of Vietnam
The Voice of Vietnam, the communication arm of the Vietnamese government, provides news for the domestic and international markets. The radio station has been broadcasting in Vietnam since 1945, just following the country's independence proclamation. News from Vietnamese living abroad is broadcast on the Web by Viet Nam California Radio.

Mekong Digest
The Mekong Digest is a weekly publication covering economic, political, social and cultural events in the Mekong area, including Vietnam. The digest is published by the International Center in Washington, D.C. and associated with the U.S. Vietnam Forum, the educational arm of the U.S. Vietnam Trade Council. A subscription fee is required for the most current six months issues, but issues from 1991-on are accessible at no charge.

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Politics and Government

ASEANWEB: Vietnam's Official Home Page
Vietnam's page on the website of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), provides information on policies, business opportunities, directories, and a country profile to facilitate trade among the ASEAN member countries.

Free Vietnam Alliance
Many Vietnamese living abroad, particularly in the United States, oppose the current government in Vietnam and actively work for changes in their former homeland. The Free Vietnam Alliance (FVA) provides information about the organization and its activities on its website as well as providing documents and information about current events in Vietnam, particularly relating to dissidents and human rights. Biographies of dissidents are available. Other such sites include:

Government of Free Vietnam
National United Front for the Liberation of Vietnam
Thai Binh
Viet Quoc Think Tank
Viet-Nam Freedom Party (VFP)
Vietnamese Political Action Committee Vietnam Restoration Party

U.S.-based periodicals opposed to Vietnam's current government, providing news and commentary, include:

Vietnam Democracy Newsletter
Vietnam Insight

Pete Peterson: Assignment Hanoi
This website, the companion resource to a PBS television special, focuses on Pete Peterson, a former POW and U.S. ambassador to Vietnam since 1997, the first ambassador in 27 years. The site documents Peterson's past in Vietnam as a soldier and then prisoner of war and explains his current mission to bring about reconciliation between the two countries. Information is provided about Vietnam's recent history, current political and cultural conditions, and diplomatic relations with the U.S. Also included are classroom study plans, links, a bibliography, interviews, and suggestions for writing assignments.

Political Resources on the Net--Vietnam
Links are provided to the 1992 Constitution, election information, political organization, and to organizations opposed to the current government in Vietnam. Links are also avaliable to the Voice of Vietnam, the Saigon Times Daily, the Vietnam Economic Times, and the Vietnam Business Journal.

U.S. Embassy (Hanoi)
The United States embassy in Vietnam's website provides a list of key officers, travel information, news, and State Department-related information plus links to related sites in English and Vietnamese. See also, Pete Peterson: Assignment Hanoi.

Vietnamese Embassy (Washington, D.C.)
The website of Vietnam's embassy in Washington, D.C. provides news, economic and business information, consular information, and information relating to diplomacy. Ambassador Le Van Bang provides a welcome message.

See also, the Usenet Web: alt.politics.vietnamese.

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Resources for Study

Access Asia: Vietnam
Access Asia provides books and curriculum materials for the study of Asia, including India, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam. The Vietnam section promotes two textbooks and provides sample lesson plans on topics such as celebrating Tet. The textbook series, Vietnam: Young People, Old Country are part of a project funded by AusAID through the Global Education Scheme. AusAID is the Australian Agency for International Development and manages the Australian government's overseas aid program which works to reduce poverty and promote sustainable development in developing countries.

Asian Institute of Technology Center in Vietnam
The Asian Institute of Technology Center i Vietnam is the first branch of the Bangkok-based Asian Institute of Technology. Its mission is be an international gateway for technology transfer supporting national development of Vietnam through postgraduate education, training, research, consultancy, and information services. A seminar and events schedule is included on the website

The Council on International Educational Exchange(CIEE)
CIEE arranges study experiences for students in a variety of countries around the world, including Vietnam, and also arranges international faculty development seminars, one of which is held in Vietnam.

East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
The Asian Studies program at the University of Redlands (California) has created a website that allows users to access annotated links by country and by political, historical, and cultural topics. Also included are sections on academic and library research sites and current "hot topics" relating to the region. The Vietnam section provides news, information on social and political issues, history and culture, foreign relations, and the Vietnam War.

Ken Lopez, Bookseller
Hadley, Massachusettes bookseller Lopez provides a special catalog on books about the Vietnam War and the Sixties. Other booksellers who can provide books on Vietnam and the Vietnam War include:
Barnes & Noble
Curbstone Press
Liberty Books Center
Tavistock Books

Internet Resources on Vietnam
The University of Wisconsin, Madison has created a list of web links for Internet resources relating to Vietnam, part of its Guide to Southeast Asia. Included are links to newspapers and journals, history, general reference, politics and government, human rights, business and economics, language and literature, health, science and technology, travel, and Internet discussion lists.

Northern Illinois University's SEAsite is designed to provide interactive resources for teaching Southeast Asian languages, cultures, and literature. Resources are included for Indonesian, Thai, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Burmese, and Lao. The University's Center for Southeast Asian Studies, linked from SEAsite, provides a list of workshops and seminars, ltudy abroad programs, course offerings, special collections, programs, and field study opportunities, and Southeast Asian web links.

Southeast Asia: Resources for Teachers
Created by college and university faculty participating in a 1998 seminar on Southeast Asia sponsored by ASIANetwork and the Ford Foundation, this website provides a framework where course syllabi, bibliographies, book and film reviews, and links to other sites can be made available online. Contributions by those teaching Southeast Asia-related courses or units are welcomed.

Southeast Asia Collection: Univesrsity of Hawaii at Manoa
The University of Hawaii's Hamilton Library Southeast Asia Collection website provides a list of selected new titles in the collection, lists of Southeast Asian Centers and collections, lists of newsgroups and listservs, and a list of CD-ROMs on Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia Web
Southeast Asia Web provides resources for Southeast Asian scholars and researchers. Included is a list of Southeast Asia Web resources, search engine links, teaching and general resources, country pages, and links to the arts, business, and culture.

The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Socialist Republic of Vietnam
This massive research site from Australian National University includes a comprehensive collection of almost 700 web links to information about Vietnam in the areas of culture, government and law, history, interest groups, economics and business, personal homepages, reference materials and library resources, science, technology, environment, education, development, maps, travel, etc. See also, ANU's Asian Studies Virtual Library and Leiden University's Southeast Asian WWW Virtual Library.

For additional information about Asia in general, see:

Archives of the SEASIA-L Discussion List
The Asia Network
Asia Observer
The Asia Society
Asia Source
Asia Times Online
AsiaInfo Journal (computer, Web news)
Asian Arts
Asian Educational Resource Center
Asian Studies WWW Monitor
Asian Web Watch
Asia Pacific Research Online
Asia Research Center (Murdoch University, Australia)
Asia Weblinks
The Center for Language and TEchnology
East Asia Center (University of Virginia)
Internet Links--Asian Studies
Nordic Institute of Asian Studies
East-West Center
National Bureau of Asian Research
Pacific Talk Virtual Library
Red River Delta Reference and Research Site
San Jose Mercury News Asian News
Southeast Asian Serials Index
Time Asia
TimeHunter's Asia Page
UCLA Asian-American Studies Center Asia Pacific Research Online

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Travel to Vietnam

Asia Travel's Information on Vietnam
Asiatravel provides a comprehensive guide for the those planning a trip to Vietnam with a general overview of the country and specific information on weather conditions, people and culture, local customs, currency, things to know, visas and passports, customs regulations, travel to and within the country, sightseeing, dining and drinking, entertainment, and a glossary of useful phrases.

Vietnam: Where Past and Present Co-exist
Hotels, restaurants, sites, and other useful information for travel planning are provided by Asia Net.

City.Net Vietnam provides information on Vietnam's geography, culture, and language in addition to maps, lodging, current weather, and reservations.

Destination Vietnam
The online version of Global Directions' Destination Vietnam is a feast of valuable information about Vietnam today including contemporary art (Cyclo Gallery), books, business, cuisine, culture, photography, side trips, travel, directories, links, and a marketplace. Articles from the current issue of the magazine are available as well as articles from back issues. This is a useful resource for anyone planning a trip to Vietnam.

Nine Dragons Tours
Nine Dragons tours offers a variety of tours to Vietnam, China, Tibet, Nepal, Laos, Cambodia, and Bhutan including a trip called Revisiting the Vietnam War for Vietnam veterans, teachers and students of the Vietnam War, historians, and those interested in military history. Additional special tours are available for veterans.

Griswalds Vietnamese Vacations
Griswalds, an Australian company, arranges tailor-made tours to Vietnam for individuals and groups. The site features information on travel services and tips, maps, photographs, itineraries of existing tours, and an interesting company background that explaines the tour owners' connection to Vietnam.

Summary of Travel Guides for Vietnam
Fifteen travel guides for Vietnam are reviewed. Reviews are grouped according to the following categories: Vietnam in pictures, plan ahead guides, take along guides, and unusual guides such as pocket or business guides.

Tourism Destinations--Vietnam
Background information is provided for 23 Vietnamese cities. The introductory page, Vietnam Information, provides links to additional information on visas, embassies, hotels, tourist organizations and the like.

Travel Advisories--Vietnam
The United States Department of State provides information for travelers to Vietnam via its frequently updated Counsular Information Sheet.

Vietnam: The Internet Travel Guide
This comprehensive guide by Peter M. Geiser, also available as part of a Usenet FAQ provides a general overview of the country and information on transportation, specific cities, and recommendations for reading. Guides to Cambodia. Laos, and other Asian countries are also available.

Vietnam Adventures
The Vietnamese government has adopted the tourism slogan "destination for the new millennium," and this unique site allows visitors to participate in a travel adventure in Vietnam without leaving the computer but information for planning real trips is also provided. Hotels, destinations, restaurants, news about discounted air fares, and language and culture are available. Vietnam Adventures was started by Web developers Marty Wilson and Rob Martin who, on a trip to Vietnam in 1995, were frustrated by dated and inaccurate information. Their site was created to provide travelers and prospective travelers with the most up-to-date, practical travel information.

Vietnam Online
Not to be confused with Vietnam Online ( from Hanoi, this site promotes tourism and trade with Vietnam and is based in California. Provided at the site are a yellow pages section listing businesses in Vietnam, information on employment in Vietnam, a list of recruiters and business publications, and a wide array of useful travel information from the visa application process to specific travel sites.

Vietnam Tourism
Vietnam Tourism is the website of the Vitenam National Administration of Tourism in Hanoi. Utilizing the effective slogan, Vietnam: A Destination for the Millennium, the site provides information in English, French and Vietnamese on the country and its heritage, business and economics, a catalog of useful tourist information, and a calendar of cultural events. The site is well-designed and easy to use.

Other travel sites include:

Asia Transpacific Journeys
Diethelm Travel's Welcome to Vietnam
Green Bamboo Travel (North Vietnam) The Internet Travel Guide: Vietnam (Peter M. Geiser)
Jewels of the Mekong
Journey to Vietnam Library
Tales from the Other Side--Vietnam
Travel-Asia Resources
Travel Opportunities in Vietnam
Travel the Indochina Way
TravNet International: Vietnam
Vietnam Tours
Vietnam Travel
Vietnam Tourventures
Vietnamtourism (Ho Chi Minh City)
Web Travel Review: Vietnam
WWW Resources on Travel to Vietnam

See also, Background Information on Vietnam or Journeys to Vietnam.

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Vietnamese Abroad

AUCO, an organization of Vietnamese on the Internet, is a forum for sharing information which will help members to create web pages and to learn Internet skills, but discussions also include topics related to Vietnamese culture. A secondary goal of the organization is to promote the Vietnamese language. Links to Vietnam-related sites are available.

The Boat People Connection
Two Vietnamese refugees have created this important site that enables other Vietnamese "boatpeole" to share their exeriences and perhaps even locate relatives. The site features information on refugee issues and discusses Vietnamese history and the saga of the boatpeople. Also available is information on Vietnamese folktales, heroes and heroines, and a country background. See also, the U.S. Committee for Refugees, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), and A World in Motion: Refugees and Resources, a bibliographic essay by Robin Paynter which provides a wealth of links on refugees.

Bui Doi: Life in a Vietnamese Gang
A preview of a documentary film which focuses on Vietnamese refugees and gang members in the United States.

Friendship Foundation of American-Vietnamese
The foundation's site provides current and back issues of its newsletter, The Friendship News

Little Saigon Net
Little Saigon's website is an on-line information kiosk to community services for the Vietnamese-American community of southern California, providing information on social and religious organizations' activities, youth and senior group activities, community issues, business resources, and information about the successes of Vietnamese around the world.

Pho Hoa: Vietnamese Noodle Soup
Pho is a staple in the Vietnamese diet. This site describes a franchised pho shop in the U.S. and provides information about the dish.

Southeast Asian Archives
This University of California, Irvine, site provides information relating to the resettlement of Southeast Asian refugees in the U.S.

Vietnamerica: The War Comes Home
Website for a book by Thomas Bass which discusses the United States and Vietnam from the end of the war to the present as symbolized by and seen through the eyes of Amerasian children. The site also includes book reviews, ordering information, a photo gallery, and information about the author..

Vietscape: The Vietnam Entertainment Network
The Vietnam Entertainment Network, from San Jose, California, provides information on Vietnamese CDs, biographies of singers. reviews of movies featuring Vietnamese actors, pictures of Vietnam. and a listing of Bay-area Vietnamese-related events.

The Vietnamese Professionals Society
The Vietnamese Professionals Society is a non-profit international organization whose mission is "to increase the knowledge and understanding of the social and economic conditions in Vietnam, to promote the welfare of the Vietnamese people and, through international cooperative effort, to apply science, technology, and humanity to the renovation of Vietnam." The website, available in both Vietnamese and English, describes the history and organization of the society and provides Vietnam-related links. Also of interest is the website for the Vietnamese Association for Computing, Engineering Technology, and Science (VACETS), an international organization for information exchange and the fostering of professional friendships.

Viet San Diego Online
Viet San Diego, a website of the city's Vietnamese community, offers a comprehensive, annotated Vietnam Resources Center, providing links to Vietnam-related information on society, culture, business, law, organizations, Vietnamese student associations, Vietnamese communities online, pictures, religion, social science, science and technology, software, travel, and veterans and the war.

Worldwide Refugee Information: Vietnam
The website of the U.S. Committee for Refugees includes a country report on Vietnam, the status of repatriation to Vietnam, Orderly Departure Program (ODP) resettlement, and Cambodian refugees in Vietnam. The site also provides the voices of refugees around the world in Real Audio format.

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